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Environment has been a major area of AWSAR’s concern. It has been making efforts to protect environment by saving energy and making use of renewable energy. AWSAR has been regularly participating in National Environment Awareness Campaings funded by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India for last couple of years.

AWSAR has been instrumental in promotion of environment friendly and energy saving technologies. It has been generating awareness on solar energy by demonstration various equipments which may be utilized to save energy and environment. Tree plantation for protection of environment has also been a major activity.

AWSAR runs a numbers of programmes in schools to educate student community on environment protection and energy conservation. School children are engaged through many activities like painting, debates and essay writing competitions with objective of increasing the awareness levels as well as building them as a responsible citizen. A large number of villagers today are using Solar Energy Equipments made available by AWSAR at an affordable rate.

AWSAR has been organizing demonstrations of various green technologies, energy efficient equipments especially solar energy based equipments in the villages to promote its uses and generate awareness. Hill Urja Private Ltd, a profit making company engaged in manufacturing of solar equipments was contacted to conduct such demonstrations at various public places in the project area.