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A society based on democratic values with sustainable income and improved quality of life for all.

Description of Vision Based on our understanding and knowledge availability, our mission is derived from key words, which have come through our professional quest for working with and for the poor.

Society: Society here implies different communities irrespective of caste, class, sex and ethnicity

Democratic Values: Democratic values are derived from the Indian Constitution and are based on the principles of social justice, liberty, equality and fraternity

Sustainable Income: Incomes at such levels where people can improve their quality of life besides meeting their minimum basic requirements of food, shelter and clothes.

Quality of Life: These are some of the indicators designed by Calvert and Henderson—education, employment, energy, environment, health, human rights, income, infrastructure, national security, public safety, food and shelter


Fostering opportunities for overall development through a range of diversified professional services to the organisations serving the people at the lowest strata of the society

Description of Mission Opportunities: such as ways and means to poor people for enhancing their income levels.

Diversified Professional Services: including institutional development, capacity enhancement and knowledge sharing.

Organisations: engaged in voluntary services, human and social development and other developmental activities. .

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