AWSAR has set-up a women's micro-enterprise initiative in one of the cluster villages of DLF for production and sale of sanitary pads to their immediate communities and surroundings villages.

The goal of the project is to make available sanitary pads at low-cost prices to school-aged girls and women in the area. Right now, young girls and women cannot afford the sanitary pads available in the market. They stay at home during their menstrual cycle for a period of one to two weeks and don't go to schools or colleges. This project will enable girls to remain in school and women to continue working in their homes and farms during this period.

The project is focused on 10 cluster villages of DLF Foundation and aims to establish itself as self-sustainable women run micro-enterprise.

The project will provide the women with the opportunity to run their own business and gain skills such assewing, book keeping, and money management.


AWSAR has been playing an important role in bringing positive change in the lives of women by working on the issues of their concern like domestic violence, livelihood generation and health problems. AWSAR has formed Mahila Mandals and Mothers Groups in the project area, such groups works as the pressure groups to get their rights and services at panchayats and local administration level.

Beside this these groups are engaged in livelihood generation, they have been linked with the local contractors who provide them patch work outsourced by the garment export houses. AWSAR creates women's groups to facilitate their upliftment and development. AWSAR have raised and dealt with issues of domestic violence, employment and social security schemes. AWSAR facilitates women to generate income through skill training and handholding for access to government loans and schemes.

A group of adolescent girls AWSAR has formed and trained produces various paper craft products like wall hangings, greeting cards, and home décor items. AWSAR has been supporting them guiding them in marketing of their products. AWSAR participates in Saras and other events to market the products and help the adolescent group in increasing its customer base.

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